Health Risks of Red Yeast Rice: Caution from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

紅麹べにこうじ健康けんこうリスク:小林こばやし製薬せいやく注意ちゅうい喚起 かんき


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s health products with red yeast rice may cause kidney diseases. Red yeast rice, made from fermented rice, is believed to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. However, with the death from kidney disease, the company is investigating if these health products are the cause.


26 people have been hospitalized with health issues possibly related to red yeast rice, with an additional 50 hospitalizations reported.


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical supplies products containing red yeast rice to many companies and is now voluntarily recalling the problematic supplements.

Key Words and Phrases

  • 健康食品(けんこうしょくひん): Health product
  • 腎臓病(じんぞうびょう): Kidney disease
  • 発酵(はっこう): Fermentation
  • 血圧(けつあつ): Blood pressure
  • 調査(ちょうさ): Investigation
  • 入院(にゅういん): Hospitalization
  • 回収(かいしゅう): Recall

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